Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Ramakrishna Mission Boys' Home. We welcome corporate or civic groups who would like to help us by performing large group projects. We do welcome individual volunteers whoever is interested

Ramakrishna Mission Boys' Home has a variety of ways to volunteer. 

We appreciate and value diverse perspectives and life experiences in our volunteers
We foster an environment in which volunteers feel welcome and appreciated
Our volunteers exemplify the generous spirit of unselfish giving

The purpose of having volunteers is:

To enhance our programs and services
To provide a positive atmosphere that promotes personal and professional growth and achievement for volunteers

To create an opportunity for people in the community to form a partnership with Ramakrishna Mission Boys' Home.

Interested candidates can fill up the following application form and submit to us. rkmbh@ramakrishna.org.sg

Flow Chart for Volunteers : (You will be accepted as our volunteer in the following way).

Submission of application -> Interview by the Superintendent -> security screening from MCYS -> Identifying the potential of the volunteer and need of the children -> fixing the day and time and type of work -> evaluation
Volunteer Registration Form
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Academic Music Counselors
Games Computers Ad hoc volunteers

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