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Please leave your valuable comments, genuine questions and suggestions here. Before the launch of this website many dignitaries have visited our Home and have left their words of appreciation in our visitor's book. Those messages are appended here for your reading.


Glad to be able to witness the good worth done in your home.

•  Siong Hng - SCSS

It is good to be able to come to visit your home.

•  Lim Song Lee, SCSS

Thanks for your hospitality and generosity. -

Ferefai, Boys' Town

Your home seems to run very beautifully. Your good work is reflected in your Home. -

Mr. Siva, Boys' Town

You are providing an excellent service to a specific group of people who would certainly benefit from you.

Ms. Pek Surai Hee (Children: Aid Sec) 17.11.1989

Thank you for your hospitality.

•  Poh Seng Huah (Social Work Student)

The behavior and deportment of the boys' cetlect the high awarded of moral living taught by the Swamis. Keep of the good work!

Mr. Rigel Jomes, Salvation Army

Very impressive. The boys are very well behaved and reflected humbleness and your surroundings are well kept and organized.

•  Elizabeth Vanguede
Singapore Children's Society
Convalescent Home
420, Keramat Road,
Tel: 2573172

The Swamijis are doing excellent work. May their selfless efforts be awarded with continuing success.

J.Y. Pillay, Sinda, 17 th May 1994.

It is a well-run Boys' Home. The atmosphere is excellent and conducive for children's moral, intellectual and spiritual development.

Z. Ismail, Liason officer (VCHs), 21.07.1990


Nice and peaceful place. Very impressed with cleanliness. The cooking smells excellent – are very sure that the boys are well-fid!

•  For community Cest of Singapore, 29.01.1991


It's a very nice home and the environment is very conducive and ……….. I'm glad we have this home in S'pore. Thanks for helping us in running this home.

•  Chnah, MCD, 14 Mar'91


I was very impressed by the obvious care and attention given to the boys. I hope our little gift will bring many hours of joy for them.

Moia dhomas,
President & staff members of
Inner Wheel Club of Singapore, 30 Jan'93

Best wishes for bright 1994.

Chua Kok Piaw - NCSS


Congratulations to all the wonderful sustains, volunteers and boys of Ramakrishna Mission Boys' Home on your Annual Boys' Home Day!

Moene, NCSS


By the race of Sri Sri Thakur the Boys' Home open Day this year was very very special. The drama on Swamiji was very well acted and the boys entered into the spirit of it. We were blessed to see & participate. May Thakur bless all this children at the Home. Our deepest pranams to Swami Jayadevanandaji & the Swamijis here. With love,

Uma Sambanthan, Abirami, Chelvee, Daksayini & Kumar
(Persantan Sri Ramakrishna Sarada)
36, J.10/7 46000 P.Jaya
Selangor DE


On behalf of all at the British Association of Singapore, I would like to congratulate you on setting up such a wonderful Library in the boys' home. A very well-worth while project.

Sheenagh Butt


British Association of Singapore. It has been a pleasure and an honor to visit your mission. My admiration goes to you all.

Esvelle Ane


I would like to extend my best wishes and warm affections to the staff of the Home for a well done work with the ………... Good wishes to the Swamijis.

Ganeish Chinnaiya,
MCD Child Welfare Service.


I would like to extend my best wishes and pray to god to give them success on their path. Good wishes to all the staffs and children staying here.

Manish Tripathi


It's a peaceful place in busy Singapore. I wish to come here again & again. As explained to me by Maharaji, I think the activities of Ramakrishna Mission are commendable. I pray for its future development.

Vikag Agarval, 30 July'95


We are moved by the administration of this great Mission and the services rendered to the less privileged children. It was a ……… & love participate in the prayer. Wishing well.

Dr. P. Moorthy & Family &
S.M. Thillainathan's family
28 th July 1996

I am so pleasure to meet all of you, continue to work hard and give your ‘love'

Yu. Foo, 4.7.2000


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