Donate in Kind  

You can sponsor lunch / dinner / breakfast on any day. For details and for booking your sponsor feeding please contact the supervisor at any time on 62887324 or by email to rkmbh@ramakrishna.org.sg

One can donate in-kind also. Gifts in kind Includes grocery items, stationary items, laundry and hygiene items, medicines, new clothing, etc.

Ramakrishna Mission Boys' Home helps over 50 boys each year (at present 25 boys at any time of the year) .   Imagine the needs for this many teenage boys!

The following is a Wish List that will help provide essentials for the boys we serve:

Wish List
(Bolded items are priority needs )

All items are welcome!

Hygiene Products :  Soap (bar)  
  Hand Lotion  
  Hair gel  
  Nail Clippers  
  Tooth Paste (Sensodyne, Dr.Charlie, Colgate) and tooth brush (soft, medium)  
Personal Items : White socks  
  White / coloured crew neck t-shirts (small, medium, large, XL)  
  Underwear (white/ colour briefs)  
  Shorts for home use  
Medications Panadol  
  Cold and Flu Medicines  
  Band Aids  
  Dettol ointment  
  Cough syrups  
  Insect bite/anti-itching medications  
  Axe Oil  
  Omum Water  
  Antacid teblets  
  Ultracarbon tablets  
Miscellaneous Needs Detergent powder / liquid detergent  
  Washing Soap e.g. Rin  
  Washing Brush  
  Vanish powder or liquid  
  Blankets/comforters (plain - solid colors)  
  Plastic Hangers  
  Bed covers and pillow covers  
Entertainment / Games Chess  
  Video Games for PSII, Game Boy, PSP  
  Subscriptions to magazines (age appropriate and without sexual content)  
  VHS and DVD Movies(Tamil, Hindi, English) appropriate for all viewing ( G - PG PG 16)  
  Ping Pong Balls / Paddles  
  Soccer Balls (Size 5)  
  Sports memorabilia  
  Sports jerseys, shorts and shoes  
  Knee Caps, Pads  
Office Supply Needs Copier Paper A4 and A3  
  Black/ Blue Ball Point Pens  
  Pilot pens  
  White Board Markers  
  Permanent Marker  
  White Board Duster  
  Pencils and erasers  
  Compass box  
  Pencil sharpeners and Scales  
  Lamination pouches (Playing Card size, Post card size, A4 and A3)  
  High lighters  
  Correction Tape  
  Glue Stick  
  Self adhesive tape  
  Double sided tape  
  Stapler and stapler pins (MAX)  
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