Donate in Cash  

You can personally come to our Home and donate in cash to our staff and collect the official receipt instantly.

You can send your donation through check / Demand draft / Money Order payable to Ramakrishna Mission Boys' Home. to this address :

The Superinrtendent
Ramakrishna Mission Boys' Home
179, Bartley Road
Singapore 539784

Alternatively you can deposit your donation in DBS Bank in our account (DBS Bank, Hougang Branch, in DBS autosave A/c No. 023-001663-0) with an intimation to us by email at rkmbh@ramakrishna.org.sg .

For Further Information please contact :

The Superintendent
Ramakrishna Mission Boys' Home
179, Bartley Road,
Singapore 539784.
Tel : (65) 62887324, (65) 63835760 , 65(98970969)
Fax : (65) 62885798

Email : rkmbh@ramakrishna.org.sg
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