Our Alumni-RKOBA  

The Ramakrishna Mission Boys' Home has been providing Shelter, Sustenance, Education, and Guidance for needy students for more than 65 years. Many old boys owe their success in life to the care and training received during their formative years at the Boys' Home.

The old boys remember the Boys' Home and the Swamijis with gratitude and love. They continue to keep the connection with the Boys' Home and render service in whatever way possible. In 1964 the old boys came together to informally form the old boys association. Although an informal organization, the association played a very useful role. Leading the active members was Narayana Dass, together with Periya Karuppan, Ravichandran Nehru, Muthu Samy, Krishna Murthy, Sutharman, Nachiappan, many others.

The old boys association rendered valuable service in various ways. Especially notable are their contributions in helping to organize the 150 th Birth centenary of Sri Ramakrishna in 1986, the 125 th Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda in 1989, and the ‘Malay Anjali' charity show in 1992 to celebrate the golden jubilee of the Boys' Home. Further the old boys played an important role in raising funds, in aid of the multipurpose hall renovation.

Despite the valuable service rendered by the old boys association, time was ripe for transformation. The old boys felt that the association needed to be formally registered as a society, in ordered to meet the challenges of the future and play a bigger role. They also saw the need to sensitise and the fire the enthusiasm of more formal students of the Boys' Home to come forward to offer their help. The transition had began.

The old boys reorganized themselves with determination to chart their future. They organized Annual Family Day and regular family picnics to foster closer tie among old boys and their families. They consciously put in effort to seek out more old boys to join the association.

In 1999, the old boys embarked on the ‘Water-Tank' project to conserve water and to reduce utility bills for the Boys' Home. They formulated and elaborate plan to draw water from the old unused well, located at the Boys' Home premises for non-portable use (like washing the bathrooms, flushing, cleaning the drains etc). the plan included pumping the well water in to a large storage tank, with pipes leading to the various usage points. Today, the ‘Water-Tank' permanently amidst a beautiful garden with benches. The detailed planning, the complete project-work, and the garden was the result of the Old Boys' hands-on hard work and effort. Further, the entire cost of this ‘Water-Tank' project was borne by the Old Boys'

The determination and drive of the Old Boys' saw fruition on 24 th march 2000, when the Ramakrishna Old Boys Association was formally registered as a society. The RKOBA was born!

The RKOBA objectives include not only serving the Ramakrishna Mission and the needy old boys and their families, but also society in general regardless of Race, Language or Religion.

RKOBA's bold step in staging the mega “Annamayya show” is symbolic of its determination to render meaningful service and uphold the teachings of the Ramakrishna Mission. All net proceeds of this inaugural show was donated to Ramakrishna Mission.

The objectives of RKOBA

To perform, co-ordinate and undertake welfare, charitable and social activities for the benefit of all charitable organizations and needy families without any race, language or religious discrimination
To assist and participate in the activities and services of Ramakrishna Mission and improve its facilities.
To assist in whatever way possible and offer financial support to the boys of the Ramakrishna Mission Boys' Home in Singapore
To assist the formal boys of the Ramakrishna Mission Boys' Home in Singapore, in whatever way possible by forming a self-help group for their families and by establishing networks and fostering close relationships among families of the former boys.
In furtherance of the above objects, the society may seek the guidance and advice of the President of the Ramakrishna Mission in Singapore.
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