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The Ramakrishna Mission was established in Singapore in 1928.

The Ramakrishna Mission Boys' Home came into existence as a result of the Second World War in 1940. The Ramakrishna Mission Boys' Home, as we know it today, was opened in 1950, with its own spacious building.

The number of boys in the Home varies from 25 to 40. The majority of the boys are from dysfunctional homes or single parent families. Most parents approach us in sheer desperation, unable to provide either the basic necessities for their sons, or fearing that their home environment will not be conducive to their child's growth and ability to function as useful member of the family and the society in the future.

The monks, staff and the volunteers at Ramakrishna Mission Boys' Home attempt to create a happy, healthy and helpful environment for these boys, in the sincere belief that this loving nurturing will help counterbalance their initial, somewhat unfortunate introduction to life. This is done within a framework of strict timetabling which will instill discipline as well as a steady focus on academic excellence

To facilitate this rehabilitation work, we engage paid part-time tutors to complement the work of volunteers who guide the boys in their daily homework and their study. It is our strong belief that every opportunity should be given to help them develop their minds so they are equipped with the ability to face the complexities of the world they will live in.

Indeed, we are proud to state that several of our boys have done well enough to return and contribute to the running of the Boys' Home. Amidst our graduates are lawyers, teachers, police officers, Chartered accountants and successful businessmen. We also have boys who are still with us, and who have done well enough to study in the Junior College and Polytechnic system. One of our boys, we are proud to announce, scored eight points in the GEC O Level Examination in 2004.

In addition to this, our boys have also been blessed with two fields where they enjoy games like soccer and basketball. They also begin and end the day with prayers for world peace and inner strength, which we hope, will help them develop emotionally as well as morally.

In short, our program is geared towards encouraging them in every single aspect of their development, in the hope that they will function independently and confidently as adult citizens of Singapore

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